Calm x Selfridges London
A brief set by Anyways Creative to bring an online brand into the physical world and allow users to experience it in a new way.
Brand Activation | Spatial Design | Experiential Campaign | Branding | Digital | Print
To bring Calm into the physical world, an installation would be built in Selfridges around Christmas time to target stressed shoppers. 
Our non-stop lifestyles cause common feelings of overwhelm, yet we find it impossible to switch off completely. 
This installation aims to be an escape from this and create stillness for individuals with a multi-sensory, immersive meditation journey that allows users to experience Calm on a deeper level.
Various rooms within the installation aim to give the user a different full body experience with various soundscapes, visuals, scents and guided and non-guided meditations.
Moving image posters that encourage passersby to find a moment of stillness would be placed on billboards in notoriously busy and stress inducing settings such as tube platforms, bus stops, airports and popular high streets to continue the narrative that we can find Calm in unexpected places.
The smooth, slow animations juxtapose the busy rush that surrounds the billboards and allows individuals to experience calmness where they have never before.
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