Lombard London
Lombard London was born as a non-alcoholic gin and tonic suitable for the city worker and as a brand challenging workplace drinking culture. In my research I found it very clear that workplaces perceived social drinking occasions as a necessary role for career success. The goal was to create a drink that would cater for those who wanted to stick to their sobriety, and offer an alternative drink that went unnoticed by colleagues and seniors as a 'non-alcoholic' beverage.​​​​​​​
Brand Strategy | Identity Design | Packaging | Copywriting | Brand Activation​​​​​​​
A 5ml capful of Dinky Gin will reduce your alcohol intake by 80% without missing out on flavour. Pair with our botonicals and your G&T will pack an extra punch (and only have 0.2 units), as well enhance your sleep and brain function. No more interrogations from your boss for choosing something soft, and you’ll be performing your best in the morning office meeting.
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