The Soap Dispensary
Challenging the status quo of big highstreet toiletry brands, The Soap Dispensary was born to change the way we shop for bathroom goods, ditching plastic for good and making sustainability easy and accessible.
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Shopping for toiletries in supermarkets and chemists only offer consumers an array of plastic - and the only alternatives to this are soap bars or refill stores, both of which are less accessible. 
The Soap Dispensary provides a solution to this, making sustainability accessible and easy to maintain - all whilst leaving consumers without the feeling of sacrifice or having less. It is a personalised refill subscription managed through a simple app and delivered straight to the shopper's doorstep using electric - the milkman way!
Customers are given the freedom to choose their own ingredients, scents and colour of their products so they can feel good whilst doing good. Orders arrive with a personalised tag that includes their name and unique recipe as well as a scribble from the person who full-filled their order. When they need a refill, they simply book their collection on the app, leave their empty bottles on the doorstep, and they are swapped for new ones.
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